Thursday, November 26, 2009

A Turkey-less Thanksgiving

We went for a walk today on the bike path near the White Lake Library. 

Occasionally, we see wild turkeys near the path, or at least their footprints where they cross the pavement in a muddy area, but today there was nothing. It was eerie, or so it seemed until I thought about it. I realized why I wasn’t seeing any turkeys today; it was raining. The only wildlife we saw was a Labrador Retriever; they’ll walk in any weather. 

Still, it was a great day for a walk. The pavement was like a mirror, so I could look down and see the sky. I ran back and forth kicking up spray as I imagined I was flying through the tree tops. Look! Up in the sky, is that a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s Supercorgi!

Oh, and when you get thirsty, you can just stop and lap. It was like walking in a giant water dish. 

By the time we got back, I looked like a failed lab rat experiment. I was worried that my coat would never look quite the same. However, two towels later and a quick nap and everything was as right as rain.

This is my first Thanksgiving, but I still have a number of things on my “thankful” list. My list is long, but the top five would have to be:
  • My pack finally seems to be accepting me as Supreme Leader. Cesar Milan writes that you can teach older dogs new tricks (but he didn’t mention that you have to be very patient). Still, I think I am bending them to my will.
  • The Corgi Union. Millie, if you read this, thank you for giving me a run-down of the basic rules of the Corgi Union. I want to be a fair and benevolent leader. I especially like the Corgi Union’s ruling on...
  • Toys. According to the Corgi Union, each corgi is to have no less than two dozen toys waiting at all times. Anyone who has gone into a pet store knows that there is a wide range of dog toys available, so two dozen seems like such a small selection. (Memo to self: At the next Corgi Union meeting, bring up the topic of increasing the minimum number of toys.) 
  • Cheese. Wow! What can you say about this wonder food? I’ll do anything for the smallest piece of cheese. If one of the big dogs says “cheese Bronte”, my mind goes blank and when my head clears, I’m in my room with cheese breath. (Hey, you don’t think ... ?)  
  • The word “oops.” While I am still working to expand my vocabulary, oops has to be my current favorite. Oops means “Bronte, it’s snack time!”
  • Sticks. There are millions of these in my garden and I am becoming very good at walking around while carrying one in my mouth. 
For you overachievers who were counting, I will point out that one of the big dogs in my pack has a sweatshirt that reads “I’m an English major, you do the math.” As for me, I haven’t even been to puppy obedience school yet. 

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