Thursday, November 26, 2009

Puppy Love Ambassador?

A couple of weeks ago, I met Jack and Karen. Though I didn’t get to meet the four other members of their pack, they talked about them: Hilaryandben, Tracyanddan, Bella and Buddy.

Yesterday, Karen sent me an email mentioning that they are thinking about adding another dog to the  pack. How cool is that?

I’d like to think that they took one look at me and thought “We need to get ourselves a puppy like Brontë.” (This may not be how it really happened, but that’s how it works in my version of the story.) I’m not a breedist, so any kind of puppy would be great. But imagine what it would be like having a corgi puppy...

A secret message for Buddy: You may be the deciding vote on the type of dog, so I will give you five good reasons why you want it to be a corgi puppy:
  • Think of the possibilities of a “You go low, I’ll go high” strategy.
  • You want people to say “Look at the cute dogs!” rather than saying “Let’s walk on the other side of the street.”
  • One big dog, one small dog. The perfect make-up for a comedy team.
  • Two words: Prick ears
  • The best for last: Finally, you’ll have another dog smart enough to understand your jokes.

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Kallista said...

Bronte, you have forgotten the most important one! You can stack double the dogs in the same area, because corgis can run under the big dogs. Therefore if one has three goldens, for example, three corgis can safely run under them and then you can have six dogs!