Sunday, November 8, 2009

Dateline: Douglas Michigan

On Saturday night, we went on a road trip to Douglas, Michigan. It is a great looking town with art galleries and nice restaurants. I was excited because I was going to meet Jack & Karen, a pair of alpha dogs from Washington D.C. Then it happened. I saw the name of one of the restaurants: Wild Dog Grille. I got very quiet and tried to look as docile as possible. When we got to Karen & Jack’s house, they explained that they don’t really grill dogs at that restaurant but I was still a bit shaken.

We were going to go to dinner, but I decided I wasn’t hungry. They didn’t eat at the Wild Dog Grille but at a place called Checkers instead. I’m not a political animal, but I thought “Wow, a town with art galleries and a restaurant named after Richard Nixon’s dog.” It turns out the restaurant’s name was Chequers, an English style pub.


Hilary said...

haha adorable post

Karen said...

This is just too cute!